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US ready to talk to Iran about reviving nuclear deal

The United States on Thursday said it was ready to talk to Iran about both nations returning to a 2015 agreement that aimed to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, seeking to revive a deal that Washington abandoned nearly three years ago. The move reflects the change in US administration, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken stressing President Joe Biden’s position that Washington would return to the accord if Tehran came into full compliance with the deal. Iran reacted coolly to the idea, put forward by Mr Blinken during a video meeting with the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany – a group known as the E3 – gathered in Paris. “If Iran comes back into strict compliance with its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the United States will do the same and is prepared to engage in discussions with Iran toward that end,” a joint statement from the four nations said. Iran began breaching the deal in 2019, about a year after Donald Trump withdrew and reimposed economic sanctions, and has accelerated its breaches in recent months. It comes as a former US national security adviser urged Boris Johnson to spearhead a new deal with Iran and questioned the value of reviving the 2015

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